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From Anthony Morrison,

Hey I hope you enjoy the training here on the specific aspects of being an email marketer.

I actually did this training a couple of years ago for my students and they loved it beyond
belief so anytime I have a new student come in I do like to share these videos with them
since they proved to be so valuable.

A few things to note about the videos... because I am super transparent...

1. I gave away $1,000 but this was quite some time ago :) so you'll hear me talking about
that in the videos, but just realize it's already been given away...

2. The value is in the training not the prize giveaway ....

3. We have "morphed" our Success Connection trainings into LIVE weekly trainings done
on webinars. If you purchase any of my products you get FREE access to it. So if you've
already enrolled in Inbox Inner Circle (I sent you a few emails about it already) then you
have access to those live trainings.

4. If you haven't enrolled in Inbox Inner Circle feel free to do so now - Enroll in IIC

As a student of mine I constantly deliver VALUE to my students. It's what I fall asleep thinking
about and it's the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning.

It's nothing new (as you can tell from these videos which are a few years old now) I have
been doing this for many years for my students. I wanted to share these videos above with
you because I want you to see what you're in store for if you keep following me and if you
choose to grab any of my training courses.

I am going to over deliver in every way possible.

I truly hope you enjoy the training above and THANK YOU for your time and engagement.

- Anthony Morrison
Lead Email Marketer