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This course will show you how to create "automated webinars" to sell your new digital course. We've generated well over $10,000,000 using this strategy. I'll show you exactly how it's done!

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This course will show you literally EVERYTHING I do as a part of my backend monetization strategy. Once you've created your course and you're selling it on webinars this can increase your profits by more than you can even imagine!

Regular Price Will Be: $1,997.00
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First off I want to say THANK YOU for believing in myself and my company. We're thankful to have you as a part of our community and to be honest with you that's exactly why I am doing this today. As you know "Black Friday" passed not to long ago and many students asked me why I didn't do big discounts on our courses.

My answer was simple: I will not discount a product someone already paid full price for previously!

I just feel it's unethical and I respect you enough to not try to do some big "cash grab" on a certain day of the year. If you invest your hard earned money into something I create - I will always have your back and think about you and your investment before anything I do. I honestly sit down and think about the jobs people have to go to, the hours you spend and simply the time, effort, energy and sacrifice you've made to earn the money you're investing with our company into your education and online business.

I never take it lightly ... and I want you to know that.

But in explaining that to people a few weeks ago I thought about an opportunity to actually give a ridiculous discount to people, while maintaining my ethics.

These 3 courses have NEVER been released and not a single person on earth has ever paid a penny for them.

In fact, they aren't even completed yet :)

So I decided to do a massive "bundle" discount for 100 people as a way to say "thank you" and give you that discount most people got on Black Friday, but in a BIGGER WAY.

These courses together will be $5,000 in January when they are released, but you can save a full $4,000 on them right now (80%) and pay just one payment to gain access to all 3. 

Once our discount code has been used 100 times it will stop working and nobody else will be given this discount.

I will be conducting some LIVE TRAINING WEBINARS for everyone who joins today and so I want to keep them small so I can focus on questions and really use the live trainings to actually create the courses that will be sold next year for upwards of $5,000.

This means you'll play a roll in creating the course PLUS you will have a more direct access to me while we do it unlike those that join in January when we officially release these.

I hope this shows that I am willing to do whatever I can to help you!

It would have been easy to roll these out next year one at a time and make way way more money, but my goal is to of course make money (that's what our company does right?) however I also want to do my best for you to help you succeed, respect you and your commitment to your success.

I truly hope this shows that and resonates with you.

- Anthony

PS: Please DO NOT forget to type in your discount code when on the order page (watch the video and you'll see the discount code above)

PPS: Don't forget I am giving you these bonuses:

BONUS 1: Live Trainings - We will film the course LIVE together .... ill answer your questions and walk you through every step of the entire system.

BONUS 2: I'll Promote Your Course - Yep! I will send emails to my own list to promote your course if it's in the same niche (learning Internet Marketing), which means you have a mega advantage! I have done over $200,000 on a single promotion before (no promises), but I can tell you this bonus is just one of a kind.

BONUS 3: I'll Include Your Course In Our Members Portal - This will instantly expose your course to over 300,000 people and almost certainly generate sales. Again NOBODY has access to this kind of promotion and I am only doing it for the first 100 people who get our "bundle" offer before we completely shut it down.
Enroll With Full Payment (Save $200+)
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