Why We Created WebinarFuel

We Hope You’ll Be A Part Of Our Journey

Looking Back, I Was So Frustrated..

My name is Anthony Morrison and I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of WebinarFuel.

Three years ago I woke up so frustrated because I simply felt helpless.

Automated webinars were the key to my business success, but the software
options to do my webinars simply didn’t work.

Heck they didn’t even automatically play the webinars.

That’s when I had the idea for WebinarFuel

It Was Ambitious But I Knew It Was Worth It

My name is LaTesha Burroughs and I’m the Co-Founder and Chief Architect of WebinarFuel

When Anthony told me he wanted to create a brand new automated webinar platform I
thought “sure no problem”

….but when he said he wanted it to be in-software and have automations that no other platforms have

I knew it was a tough task, but I knew it was worth it.

The Next 2 Years 

We Spent Countless Hours Planning & Building

So together we spent the next two years of our lives solving all the problems we found in automated webinar platforms.

If we never sold Webinar Fuel to the public it was ok, because this was going to be a game changer for my personal business.

I was determined to have the best automated webinar software possible

for my business so naturally I shared what I was building with some of my friends.

Right Before We Launched

Russell Brunson Called Me 

Russell called and said man I love what you’re doing with Webinar Fuel I would love for the initial launch to be to our ClickFunnels community.

So we spent the next month working to closely integrate Webinar Fuel with ClickFunnels

…. and then we launched!

July 2020 Webinar Fuel BETA Went LIVE

We launched Webinar Fuel on a live stream with Russell Brunson to over 5,000 people and the feedback was amazing.

People loved the idea of “in software” playback so it felt just like Zoom or Goto Webinar.

We brought on so many users we closed down access.

We Spent The Next 

8 Months Refining, Bug Fixing & Adding Features

We had plenty of new users, which meant we had plenty of new problems to solve.

Tickets were flying in every day with bugs, errors and feature request.

So for 8 solid months we didn’t sell Webinar Fuel, we just refined it and made it better based on our customers feedback.

March 2021 We Officially Opened The Doors To Webinar Fuel

After 8 months we had all the bugs fixed and kinks worked out and launched Webinar Fuel to the public.

It now comes with a hybrid model that allows you to do “in-software” or the standard “browser” based playback, everything works seamlessly and well north of a million dollars in sales have been transacted through Webinar Fuel in our BETA stage.

We’re Now Ready

 to help you get better conversions on your automated webinars than you ever thought possible!

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